Birth Stories

I love hearing birth stories, but particularly Hello Baby birth stories! Every entrance into the world is different, and all incredible in their own way.

Moments after baby Emily was born

Moments after baby Emily was born

Laura, simon and Emily

"Having enjoyed several hypnobirthing sessions with Laura at Hello Baby, I felt confident and even excited about labour! She made the process seem so natural and achievable.

At 42 weeks I chose to be induced and once that was started I knew labour was imminent and I could prepare myself. I used the time to remind myself of what I'd learnt, and to practise some of the techniques.

Once the surges began, I found the breathing techniques Laura taught me so helpful. They helped me go with the surges rather than fight them, and that definitely helped me stay at home for longer.

As the surges became more intense, I recalled Laura saying how every surge is bringing my baby closer to birth. I also found it helpful to be able to visualise what was happening in my body.

As we reached the second stage of labour and I was tiring, I really focussed on my baby and knew that we were working as a team; that helped me to feel less alone. I also felt so empathetic towards my baby at the time as I realised this was a pretty big moment for her too!

Most importantly though, I kept repeating a mantra that I learnt with Laura; 
'I can do this, my body is designed for this'. Labour was definitely hard work but I never doubted that I could do it, and through it all I felt so much love for my baby. I can't describe the emotions I felt as she was born!" 

Favourite bits:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Learning how to visualise during pregnancy and birth
  • Practising positive statements for birth
  • Learning the physiology of what's happening in my body