What is Hypnobirthing?

After my sessions with Laura I felt confident, and even excited about birth! I found it so helpful to be able to visualise what was happening inside my body.
— Laura Pollard, mum to Emily


The mind leads and the body follows...

Hypnobirthing is a complete and in-depth antenatal training programme designed to build confidence and release fear during birth. It gives you the knowledge and tools to have the best natural birth for you.

It enables you to trust your body, instincts, and your baby by shifting the negative perception of birth being scary, painful and daunting.

Hypnobirthing is based on established medical knowledge. Obstetrician Grantly Dick-Reed witnessed a home birth in 1913 where the mother refused all pain relief and said afterwards (when questioned on the pain relief), “it didn’t hurt – was it supposed to Doctor?” He went onto write the book 'Childbirth without Fear' and hypothesised that when you are fearful you tense up, and the natural birth process is inhibited.

Hypnobirthing works to remove fear and tension to allow the body to work how it’s designed to. The practice (throughout pregnancy) of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis and breathing techniques will empower the mum-to-be and partner to have the confidence to birth your baby however is right for you.

Hypnobirthing isn’t a ‘perfect birth’ guarantee. I want women to feel that whatever happens in birth (even if unplanned circumstances arise), that it can be really positive. Whether you birth at home, in hospital, in a midwife-led unit, or in a field with baby deer - you can feel amazing about your experience.


Hypnobirthing is wonderful for:

  • First time parents who would like the most natural and positive birth they can have.

  • First time parents who are worried or anxious about what birth means for them, how to navigate it and whether it's possible to have a good experience.

  • Second+ time parents who perhaps had a difficult birth before, and are looking to Hypnobirthing to regain control and learn how to have a positive birth.

  • Parents who have suffered miscarriage or loss; to use relaxation and Hypnobirthing techniques to manage emotions and anxieties about pregnancy and birth in general.

  • Any women who want to feel empowered and like super-star birthing Goddesses after giving birth!

  • Any partner who wants to be involved in the birth in a proactive way, and wants the most calm and positive experience for their wife/partner.

Every couple is different, and that's why I tailor my course each time. Whether you're first time parents, or this is your second or third+ birth, I can adapt the course to your needs, wants, hopes and concerns. Just get in touch for a free chat (over the phone, Skype or coffee) to see if it's for you.


How does Hypnobirthing benefit the baby?

  • The baby is likely to arrive into a serene and relaxed environment, alert and ready to bond as nature intended.

  • Scientific research has also shown that Hypnobirthed babies usually have higher Agpar scores (a measure of how well your baby is doing immediately after birth, and then five minutes later).

  • As the baby is breathed into the world at their own pace, many hypnobirthing babies will be more calm themselves, during that golden hour after birth and beyond.

  • It is also found that Hypnobirthed babies are better sleepers due to their calmer, less traumatic entrance into the world.


How does Hypnobirthing benefit the mother?

  • It empowers women to give birth wherever they feel most comfortable and safe, and to have the best birth for her.

  • It works proactively to remove tension and fear around childbirth.

  • It puts mum in control and builds confidence for birth.

  • It reframes what birth can be like, following a past traumatic birth, or simply dispelling myths from birth 'horror stories'.

  • She will learn how to control her hormones during labour; which ones are essential and which ones we don't want!

  • Learning breathing techniques for all parts of labour, and understanding the physiology of labour means she will be able to visualise the right muscles working with her baby for a wonderful birth.

  • As the physical impact of birth is reduced, Hypnobirthing mothers often bounce back quicker after birth.

  • Simple massage techniques will greatly reduce the risk of tearing or the need for an episiotomy.

  • Because the mother will be relaxed and in control, the risk of needing interventions (inductions, forceps, ventouse, emergency C section) are greatly reduced. (That's not to say that births which do need these interventions are not Hypnobirths; the techniques work with all types of birth).

  • Shorter labour time is likely due to letting the body work in the way it's designed to.

  • It can be of great benefit if baby isn't quite in the most usual position for birth, such as breech, transverse or back-to-back.

  • Total empowerment of trusting your body!

  • Lovely relaxation techniques and material which you can use pre- and post-natally.


Dads and birth partners get a whole page to themselves! So click here to read all about the benefits to those who are there for us during birth.