About Me

My name is Laura Batten; I'm mum to Joshua (8) and Martha (2), wife to Leigh and I'm the founder of Hello Baby Brighton. We live in the Preston Park area of Brighton and have done for nearly ten years. Being beside the sea is such a privilege. There's something about being right on the edge of the land - the sense of freedom, the waves and even the pesky seagulls add character!

My pregnancy with Joshua was very straightforward and complication-free. I absolutely loved being pregnant and felt carefree and marvelled at my growing bump. My labour, however, was a rollercoaster of stops and starts, and I felt quite out of control. It ended in the birthing pool - which is what I'd wanted -  but looking back (knowing what I know now) I was getting in my own way. I wasn't letting my body do what it needed to do and without realising, contributed to my labour stalling. But in those final two hours in the pool with the most incredible midwife, I felt invincible. I knew immediately that I wanted to do this for other women. I'd never even heard of Hypnobirthing back then, so I originally thought about re-training as a midwife.

Since then, sadly, I've experienced the pain of miscarriages, and I deeply empathise if you've been through this trauma. How I was treated through one particular journey really cemented my passion of becoming a care-giver who can meaningfully change someone's experience of birth in a positive way.

This year I gave birth to my daughter, at home in the birthing pool, using Hypnobirthing techniques while my son slept upstairs! It was such a calm and empowering experience and I put it entirely down to my practice during pregnancy.

I can't quite communicate in words how it feels to be able to teach women and couples to be completely empowered and have a birth they feel fantastic about afterwards. So many don't think it's possible; they've had a bad experience before or heard horror stories; generally conditioned through the media and society that birth is painful and long; scared to believe that they're capable of birth. 

When my first ever client contacted me after the birth of her baby girl, and told me just what a difference Hypnobirthing made to her birth, my heart was so full. 

Hello Baby Brighton was founded with a passion to not only work with couples to help change their experience of birth, but also with the goal of continuity of care - something which is quite rare these days. From the moment you say hello to the tiny foetus on the sonogram screen, to the moment you're holding your baby for the first time, it is the most wonderful and crazy journey of scans, excitement, morning sickness, tiredness, questions, appointments, utter joy that you're growing an actual human, anticipation and sometimes anxiety. My private and group Hypnobirthing Courses give you the tools you'll need to stay calm and focused, throughout your pregnancy and during the birth of your baby. And my Pregnancy Relaxation classes are a safe place to come (at any stage of pregnancy) to learn how to deeply relax, to have space and time for you and your baby, and to practice some of the skills you'll be using in birth.

I would absolutely love to come alongside you in your pregnancy in one of my courses. I feel so strongly about Hypnobirthing, that even if you don't choose me, please do choose Hypnobirthing - it always, always makes a difference, whatever type of birth you have.

With love,

Laura x