What about the partners?


I want to cover two topics in this section. Firstly, a bit of honesty about the perception that some birth partners may have of Hypnobirthing. And secondly, information on the key role that birth partners play in the pregnancy and birth when the couple is practicing Hypnobirthing. 

Hypno what?!

To be truthful, I not very keen on the name 'Hypnobirthing'. If it's the first time you're coming across it, it can conjure up images of some sort of birthing version of on-stage hypnosis, with unwilling participants get made to cluck like chickens and generally make fools of themselves. Or for some, anything with 'Hypno' attached to it means you're completely out cold - basically out of control. (Both of which are understandable but completely incorrect perceptions of Hypnobirthing).

So I truly understand your horror if the lady in your life has come to you saying "I really want to do Hypnobirthing" that you might think... Ok, whatever floats your boat; rather you than me! Then she tells you that you have to come along too..... So my aim is to lay out the facts, tell it how it is, and hopefully tackle any worries you have. 

In fact, we don't even have to call it Hypnobirthing. We can call it learning-how-to-have-the-best-birth-possible. 


We need you...

Dads and birth partners can traditionally feel pretty left out during labour. I've had partners say to me before they "didn't know what do with themselves", or "I was just worrying and don't think I helped". It definitely doesn't have to be that way, and Hypnobirthing gives dads and birth partners an integral role in the labour and birth.

Dads and birth partners: here's why Hypnobirthing needs you:

  • It gives you a purpose and a central role in the birth.
  • You will learn how to support the mother, meaning the pregnancy and birth is a truly shared and loving experience.
  • We'll discuss 'informed choice', giving you the confidence to ask midwives or medical professionals questions (and know what to even ask and why!), and be the spokesperson for your partner.
  • You will be helping the mother have a more calm and positive experience - which is better for her and your baby.
  • Due to the practice, you will know exactly what is happening to your partner and why, and knowing how and when you can help.
  • It might sound a bit soppy, but it's a wonderful bonding experience, with a feeling of pride for playing such an integral role in bringing the baby into the world.

Have a read of the What is Hypnobirthing section to understand the benefits of Hypnobirthing for mother and baby, too.

And if all else fails, you are welcome to come along to the first taster session and you can make your mind up from there.

Thank you for all you do as birth partners. We couldn't do it without you.